Bison Nature Club Radhanagari

About Club

Bison Nature Club is one and Only Nature Club in Radhanagari and Dajipur Sanctuary. This nature club arrange group tours, study tours, family tours, jungle safari, nature trail and adventure camp in dajipur bison sanctuary. This group is work on keep environment and save animals and develop tourism in radhanagari.

Our Vision

Save animals keep environment and tourism development in Radhanagari taluka.

Our Team

Mr. Rakesh Kerkar (President)
Mr. Rupesh Bombade (V. President)
Mr. Samrat Kerkar (Secretary)
Mr. Atul Bombade (Treasurer)
Mr. Milind Parkar (Member)
Mr. Firoj Golandaj (Member)
Mr. Umesh Dabbe (Member)

Place to Visit

Radhanagari is famous for dajipur wildlife sanctuary. Main attraction in sanctuary is indian gour(bison). Two dam and many water fall is here. Now radhanagri is declared world natural heritage center from unesco.

Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary
Radhanagari Dam
Shahu Sagar Dam
Rautwadi Fall
Tulshi Dam
Phonda Ghat